Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot in the City... San Francisco Tonight!!!

Billy Idol rocks the house down at the Fillmore in San Francisco!! After unexpectedly coming upon tickets, we found ourselves going to see the legendary 80s icon, Billy Idol with his crew including Steve Stevens. Prior to the show, we reminisced with all those sweet 80s tunes we've always loved, White Wedding, Dancing with Myself, Eyes without a Face. Idol's show totally blew away what we had been expecting. Not only did the band perform those classic hit after hit, but they did it with such an unexpected flare of blues, rock, punk and just sick guitar sounds. Idol came out song after song switching up his wardrobe each time. Surprisingly he looks great for 52 with his spikey bleach blonde full head of hair and he still blows you away with his voice. Into the 3rd song he reminisced with the audience about his first performance in SF back in 78 and being f***ed up on some methadrine drug.

Steve Stevens solo guitar performance left you in trance with influential sounds mixed with the Fillmore's trippy lighting effects. The entire band raged hard core on stage with such exploding energy as they continuously mixed up the show switching up instruments and even Idol himself beating on those drums. The audience went nuts singing along as Idol twisted up "Hot in the City... San Francisco Tonight!" and rocked out with Mony Mony as their encore while the keyboardist and drummer joined Stevens, Idol and other guitarist on stage with a hot 5 player guitar session. Idol and the bands performance left Brett and Christie blown away realizing that this was a once in a lifetime show to put down in the blog!! You rock Idol!!

Billy Idol Set list (Fillmore, June 27, 2008)
Cradle of Love
Dancing with Myself
Flesh for Fantasy
John Wayne
Shock to the System
Sweet Sixteen
White Wedding
Eyes without a Face
Hot in the City (with an sf twist)
Ready Steady Go
LA Woman (with an sf twist)
Rebel Yell
Mony Mony

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